CF Moto Z6 Modular Door Kit

CF Moto Z6 Soft Door Kit

Photos of Blue CF Moto shows our Soft Door Kit with other manufactures top, back and roof.  

Photos of White CF Moto show the CF Moto door kit with our soft roof cap, Lexan Windshield and back panel. 

This Modular Door Kit on offer is just for a Modular Door Kit only.

CF Moto Z6 Modular Soft Door Kit


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This CF Moto Z6 package includes our Soft FULL DOOR Kit for great protection from mud and stones. The door kit can be used with our Pacific Eagle USA Lexan Windshields, Top Caps, our Summer Cab enclosures which includes a Vinyl Windshield, Top and rear Window or our Vinyl Windshield and Top enclosures. This kit can also be used with factory hard roofs and Windshields. These doors are Soft! They attach to the roll bar frame with heavy duty Velcro. They unzip, roll back and secure in the open position with the Velcro tabs included. If you are looking for a hard door, please do not order these.

The Pacific Eagle USA FULL DOOR Kit uses the finest professional grade marine fabric made of 100% polyester with stay-true long lasting colors with stabilized fit of less than 1% stretch or shrinkage. Our marine fabric is water repellent, tear resistant, puncture resistant, mildew and UV resistant. It adheres to the roll cage with heavy duty YKK hook & loop Velcro. It has side release buckles which allow quick opening and closing of the doors. An additional webbing panel is sewn into each door for increased stability.

Pacific Eagle USA uses marine sewing thread made from selected high tenacity, heat resistant, continuous multifilament polyester yarns. Along with the highest quality materials, all Pacific Eagle USA Enclosures are hand measured and handcrafted to ensure a precise fit.

The Pacific Eagle USA Soft FULL DOOR Kit provides protections at an affordable price. The package comes complete with self-adhesive Velcro, installation and care instructions. Everything is included in the package for easy installation.