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Please note that we have change the way we manufacture and sell our UTV Lexan Windshields. There are now three types of Lexan Windshields per model to choose from. The pricing throughout this website for Lexan Windshields will be for our new Premium Lexan Windshield by default unless otherwise stated. Dual Vents is a free upgrade at no further expense to you. You also have an option of a Standard Lexan Windshield at a reduced price which also includes a Dual Vent. Plus you  have an other option for a Deluxe Lexan Windshield which is the top of the range. Please read below for all product details. If you want to order a Standard or Deluxe Windshield, you will need to notify us at time of purchase. All orders will be for a Premium Lexan Windshield unless otherwise stated by you.  

We have expand our UTV Lexan Windshields product line to offer customers a wider variety of windshield options. There is now three different options. 

Our Standard Windshield is a high quality Windshield at a value price. 

Our Premium Windshield has upgrades on the Standard Windshield. 

Our Deluxe Windshield has all the options and is made of Mar-Resistant MR10 Lexan.  If you are going to use windshield wipers you must choose one of our Deluxe Windshields. Please read below for more details. 


DUAL VENTS- We have upgraded all of our UTV Lexan Windshields to include dual vents on the bottom windshield section. A line of vent openings have been cut in front of the driver and passenger. The vents open and close by sliding the vent covers from side to side. Solid UTV Lexan Windshields are still available, just let us know when purchasing. Most of out photos wont show the new dual vents yet but don't worry, all our Windshields will include them unless otherwise directed by you. 

Pacific Eagle Standard UTV Lexan Windshields

Our Standard UTV Lexan Windshields are a one or two piece Windshield (depending on UTV model) made from standard Lexan 9034 with flex trim along the hood line. We use Loop Clamps to secure to the roll cage. They include Dual Vents.


Pacific Eagle Premium UTV Lexan Windshields

Our Premium UTV Lexan Windshields are a one or two piece Windshield( depending on UTV model) made from standard Lexan 9034  with flex trim along the hood line and trim on the sides. We use Quick Connect Clamps to secure to the roll cage. They include Duel Vents.

Pacific Eagle Deluxe UTV Lexan Windshields

Our Deluxe UTV Lexan Windshields are a one or two piece Windshield( depending on UTV model) made from scratch resistant Lexan MR10 with flex trim along the hood line and trim on the sides. We use Quick Connect Clamps to secure to the roll cage. They include Dual Vents.

Our Deluxe UTV Two Piece Lexan Windshields are Lexan MR10 on the top main Windshield panel and Lexan 9034 is used on the smaller bottom Windshield Panel. 

Connect Clamps

Loop Clamps

Loop Clamps are used to secure our Standard UTV Lexan Windshields 

Quick Connect Clamps

Quick Connect Clamps are used to secure our Premium & Deluxe UTV Lexan Windshields

About our UTV Lexan Windshields

Our windshields are manufactured using ¼” Lexan that will not bow at high speeds or when hauling as compared to 3/16” Lexan. Additional attributes of Lexan are:

~ 250 times the impact strength of glass

~ Excellent light transmission

~ Excellent sound abatement properties

~ Superior insulating properties


All of our 2 piece UTV Lexan Windshields have bends for design purposes or to add strength to the windshield. At the top of the lower section, the windshield contains a bend of approximately 60 degrees. At the bottom of the upper section, the windshield contains two bends; one out and one down. This allows the bends in the upper section to mount over the bend in the bottom section. Please see the listing photos showing these bends. An additional bend is designed at the top of the upper section. This bend strengthens the Lexan and provides more stability at high speeds or while towing. Your windshield may contain additional bends if needed to contour to the vehicle’s cab frame.


Our UTV Lexan Windshields are DOT approved. The DOT stamp can be found near the bottom of the windshield. Some communities are now allowing the use of UTV’s. Local laws and ordinances should be followed when riding



WARRANTY-The windshield is guaranteed for one year for manufacturing defects.

Cleaning Lexan Windshields

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