Cleaning Lexan Windshields

There are a few recommended products available for cleaning your Lexan (Polycarbonate) Windshield.
We at Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures only recommend WATER & A SOFT RAG.

Do hose off your Windshield completely after every drive.

Do always hose off mud, dirt or sand before using your soft rag.

Do lightly apply your damp soft rag to your Windshield from side to side after hosing off first.

Don’t use automotive window cleaners, they are only for glass.
Don’t use alcohol based cleaning agents.
Don’t use toothpaste, it is abrasive.
Don’t use abrasive based cleaning agents.
Don’t scrub off loose mud, dirt or sand with your soft rag, hose it off first.
Don’t scrub hard with your soft rag.
Don’t scrub in a circular motion with your soft rag, use a side to side motion softly.
Don’t use soap, the finish may be hazy.
Don’t clean your Lexan windshield with anything but water and a soft rag.

Lexan is many times stronger and lighter than glass, however it will scratch a lot easier than glass. Care is needed to prevent this from happening. If you think that your environment or driving habits are such that scratching will be inevitable, then we recommend that you upgrade to MR10 Lexan for around $150 per Windshield more.

Pacific Eagle Lexan & Lexan MR10 Windshields

If you use Windshield Wipers on your UTV, you will need Lexan MR10.

Lexan MR10

Lexan MR10 sheet has an abrasion coating on both sides which provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and helps ensure a like-new

appearance for many years to come.

The next generation of UV resistance.

The MR10 coating now incorporates enhanced UV protection for the sheet from the debilitating effects of sunlight. As a result, Lexan* MR10 sheet

is accompanied by extended warranties that can help long-term product performance.