We sell & ship our UTV Enclosures Worldwide most Asian counties .* If you would like us to give you a shipping quote, please contact us and we will get back to you.

*It is your responsibility to assure that the product can be lawfully imported into your destination country. Any customs fees or import duties that may apply in your country are also your responsibility. If unsure, check your locale importation laws first. See the example that I have given below.

Hints on international shipping prices.

Any Hard Lexan Windshield is going to increase shipping prices, so order a split Two Piece Lexan Windshield over a Solid One Piece Lexan Windshield. The weight is the same however the size of the packing will make the One Piece Windshield more expensive.

A Full Cab Enclosure with a Vinyl Windshield wont be that much more expensive than a Summer Cab or a Windshield & Roof Cab to ship.

Some Shipping Examples

Four shipping examples of different Yamaha Rhino Enclosure types for United Arab Emirates.

A Yamaha Rhino Full Cab Enclosure with a Vinyl Windshield to UAE ~  USPS Priority Mail International: USD$80.65
A Yamaha Rhino  Full Cab Enclosure for a Hard Windshield to UAE ~  USPS Priority Mail International: USD$$73.75
A Yamaha Rhino Summer Cab Enclosure to UAE ~  USPS Priority Mail International: USD$66.75
A Yamaha Rhino  Soft Top Cab Enclosure to UAE ~  USPS First-Class Package International Service: USD$31.85

Yamaha Rhino

Importing from the USA to Asian counties

Cost of product, shipping and Insurance to United Arab Emirates as an example.

The example item is a Full Cab Enclosure with a Vinyl Windshield for a Yamaha Rhino.
Enclosure value is USD$569.99
Shipping cost is USD$80.65 using USPS Priority Mail.
Insurance costs.  USPS Priority Mail has some built in insurance but will add extra here for argument sake of USD$17.49

Import Duty & Tax calculation results.  

The USD to United Arab Emirates Dirham was converted on the 15th of March 2013. Please use the XE Currency converter below to get up to date calculations. The exchange rate for USD to AED was 1 USD = 3.67305 AED

United Arab Emirates has an import duty rate of 5% for UTV Enclosures.

Total customs value USD$668.12

Convert to the United Arab Emirates Dirham
The total customs value is AED 2,454.02 
Duty: AED 122.70                                              
Total import duty & taxes due: AED 122.70   
Total landed cost: AED 2,576.72